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How do I Print a Poster?

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The MHC library has a large format printer that can handle print jobs that have one dimension that is 36-inches or less and the other dimension has no limits.


The cost is $4.50 per linear foot.  You will need to add the amount needed to print the poster on your print account before you begin printing.  There are two ways to add money to your printing account:

  • By cash at the library service desk.
  • By credit card using an app available on any drop-in computer on the Medicine Hat campus.

Printing Tips

  • Know the dimensions of your poster.  The exact dimensions are needed when printing your poster.
  • Save the original file type.  Save your poster in the file format you designed the poster in, for example, if you used PowerPoint, save the file as a PowerPoint file (.pptx).  This original file format is required to edit the poster.
  • Save a PNG copy of your poster.  Printing an image file (PNG) is the most reliable method and allows you to see how the poster looks before printing.
  • Consult library staff before printing.  When using the large format printer for the first time, please consult library staff for guidance when printing. See "Printing Instructions" below.

Printing Instructions

Poster Design

  • For information how to design a poster, check out the MHC library guide Academic Posters